Cote&Ciel creates goods designed with practicality and a pure aesthetic for professionals on the move. Started in 2008, its founders also work closely with Apple on its accessories divisions and back the fashion designer Damir Doma. The brand is situated on a cusp between technology and fashion, in outlook and composition, boasting expertise in a number of complimentary creative fields.  Cote&Ciel’s design approach focuses equally on traditional design techniques allied to both the forms and functions of the natural and industrial worlds. The label aims create goods designed to enable journeys and exploration; bags and sleeves for men and women often with special protection for a range of media devices, each with an emphasis on fabric research focused on tactility and experimental design. The brand’s output is architectural in the sense that it takes advantage of the collision of external forces and the tension between the wearer and the weight carried to realize its ultimate form. Cote&Ciel is inspired by the study of the structure and function of biological systems, in order to better understand gravity and volume, in relationship to ourselves and our carrying needs. The brand has also undertaken successful collaborations with influential brands such as Comme des Garçons, Mykita, Beams, 10 Corso Como and Attachment.