Lumen et Umbra

Designed by Issei Fujita, Lumen et Umbra centralizes its applications around the human bodily structure and exceptional research on fabrics and treatments. As a former collaborator with super-brand Carpe Diem, Fujita refined his craft towards both structure and working with advanced technology in natural textiles and fabrics. After working with Carpe Diem, Issei branched out on his own presenting his first capsule in Paris in March of 2006. The name derived from theparticular solution with which he treated fabrics which allowed printing light directly onto the clothes. The line, a collection of five t-shirts was thus called 'Lumen et Umbra', in Latin meaning 'Light and Shadow'. Traditional Japanese simplicity has always characterized the the Lumen et Umbra aesthetic, broken down into rare textures and applications, filtering through the pattern’s composition and purity of form. Issei’s meticulous attention to detail is demonstrated in in every seam and hand finishing. He specializes in advanced utilizations with Wools, Cottons, Cashmeres, Silks and notable innovations with materials such as Metal, Bamboo and Paper. Sharp cuts softly structure the volumes and control the drape without ever compromising anatomical adaptation to movement of the body. Subdued variations of color vary the strength of the form, distinct and stripped down in its simplicity.