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Jan-Jan Van Essche graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2003, winning several grand prizes including the Dries Van Noten award. In June 2010 he launched his first collection ‘Yukkuri’, a concept capturing the philosophy behind his approach to produce one full collection per year. Alternating with his annual wardrobes Jan-Jan Van Essche presents his Projects which are autonomous concepts claiming their own identity to be worn throughout the year by layering up or down. A greater part of the fit and proportions are loose and ample, the pieces cut out of one piece patterns that give a sense of effortless ease, simplicity and a feeling elicited by the handwork which goes into the garment to make it more than a temporary item which would be put aside after three to six months, but form an unbroken whole so the wearer can combine pieces from three years ago with new pieces.
Coated Twill Cap Coated Twill Cap

Jan-Jan Van Essche

Coated Twill Cap

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