Yohji Yamamoto

As the father of Japanese avant-garde, Yohji Yamamoto’s influence is only comparable that of Rei Kawakubo. The Tokyo based designer first presented his men’s collection in Paris in 1981. Referring to himself as a dressmaker speaks of his humble approach. Wanting to cover and protect the body, Yohji Yamamoto offers a voluminous take on Western tailoring. Having become famous for his oversized silhouettes and wool gabardine, over time Yohji Yamamoto caters to someone who wants comfortable, yet elegant clothing with a twist. Yohji Yamamoto has at several occasions said he does not appreciate men who are too fashionable or take themselves too seriously. This idea is extended into the menswear line where there are often hints to irony both in shapes, prints and patterns offered together with unconventional silhouettes.
Hand Knit Rib Stitch Cardigan Hand Knit Rib Stitch Cardigan

Yohji Yamamoto

Hand Knit Rib Stitch Cardigan

$3,950.00 USD $1,950.00 USD


Shankar Plain Stitch Padded Slim Pants Shankar Plain Stitch Padded Slim Pants

Yohji Yamamoto

Shankar Plain Stitch Padded Slim Pants

$1,096.00 USD $512.05 USD

2 3

Calf Leather Ring Boots Calf Leather Ring Boots

Yohji Yamamoto

Calf Leather Ring Boots

$2,260.00 USD $1,090.00 USD

25 26 27 28

Wool Coat Detachable Vest Wool Coat Detachable Vest

Yohji Yamamoto

Wool Coat Detachable Vest

$3,800.00 USD $1,800.00 USD

1 2 3

Tape Sneakers Tape Sneakers

Yohji Yamamoto

Tape Sneakers

$700.00 USD $360.00 USD

2 3 4 5

Camouflage Design Collar Shirt Camouflage Design Collar Shirt

Yohji Yamamoto

Camouflage Design Collar Shirt

$700.00 USD

S M L Sold Out

Army Pants Print Cargo Army Pants Print Cargo

Yohji Yamamoto

Army Pants Print Cargo

$2,200.00 USD $790.00 USD

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