Handmade Organic Catanella Weave Skirt w/Venetian Lace

This super limited edition LMWG03 skirt design is the only piece of its kind made by hand in the world. It was created exclusively for Cruvoir in Los Angeles from a special asymmetric diagonal seam and pleating detail work skirt pattern from Geoffrey’s extensive tailoring research and development and cut using very special Greggio tailor’s organic linen and cotton “Catanella” chain weave fabric (which was not treated or finished with any chemicals) woven exclusively for Geoffrey by Luigi Parisotto in Sarcedo, Italy.

Combined with vintage antique pure linen Venetian lace and special Italian finishing tapes woven exclusively for Geoffrey, then specially dyed by hand in Cavarzere using only vegetable base dyes and salt in a process that requires over 8 hours of specialized work to achieve its special patina and effects. The piece also features special hidden zipper construction chosen for discreet tasteful elegance and style.

Variations in color and color density are not imperfections or irregularities, but specific characteristics of the special fabric, and hand making technique.

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