RUM N°01 2016 – cruvoir  

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RUM N°01 2016

2nd edition May 2016


In the big international issue of the magazine RUM, you will meet several creatives of Copenhagen who live in, work in and are inspired by the spaces in the city and the kind of atmosphere that defines Copenhagen, visit jewellery designer Sophie Bille Brahe, the design duo Mette and Rolf Hay, the photographer Noam Griegst, designer Stine Goya and lionized fashionista Pernille Teisbæk among others. You will also find a personal guide to their favourite hangouts in the city, turns the spotlight on Nordic design heritage and give homage to the masters of the past and share with you what pieces of furniture they believe are the classics of the future and which talented people they believe in, and a unique visit to the artist Donald Judd’s iconic home and studio in New York.


Editor-in-chief Mette Barfod, Journalist and editor Mia Hessner Sovinsky, Art Directors Sigrid Gry Laursen and Stine Vanessa Muderspach, Stylists Gitte Kjaer and Pernille Vest, Marketing Bjørg Finsen, Magazine Director Tina Nikolaison, CEO Klaus Høeg-Hagensen.

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